Case Study

ATX DAO On-Chain 2023

Discover how Step3 helped unite three Austin Web3 projects with an exciting raffle reward at a an annual social event.


In 2021, a decentralized autonomous organization called ATX DAO was founded to build a network of Web3 enthusiasts in the Austin, Texas area. The community is made up of crypto enthusiasts from all walks of life, including artists, investors, developers, and more. ATX DAO’s mission is to educate and unite the city of Austin around new Web3 and crypto ideas. 

To this end, ATX DAO hosts social events that allow different crypto communities to connect and collaborate. Happy hours, hangouts, learning sessions, and hype parties are just a few of the many events that the community organizes.


We wanted to get involved with the great work that ATX DAO is doing and saw the potential to connect two other great Web3 communities to their network.  

April 8th, 2024. Save the date, because on that day a total solar eclipse will pass directly over Texas. The organization Texas Eclipse 2024 has reserved 1200 acres of land 1 hour north of Austin at Reveille Peak Ranch for a 3 day festival that aims to be “Burning man meets stargazing” with music, art, food, and more. During this time, festival goers will be treated to a prime view of the full 4 minute and 20 second solar eclipse. Texas Eclipse 2024 allows anyone to mint a free NFT that grants access to the community organizing the event. Leading up to the event, Texas Eclipse NFT holders that have been active in the community will receive discounts on the Texas Eclipse 2024 festival tickets.  

We’ve worked with festivalPass in the past and since then they’ve been providing Festival Family Lifetime NFT passes that give token holders access to over 80k live events in the US and 600k hotel stays every year. With $1200 worth of credits instantly applied each year, ticketing fees are no longer a problem for pass holders. The best part? As long as you hold the NFT, you’re a member for life.  

Step3 saw an opportunity to connect these 3 groups and grow the ATX DAO community. Rewarding membership and incentivizing engagement is a fundamental part of our Web3 methodology. With our platform, creators, brands, and marketers can help not only increase audience engagement, but incentivize them with unique rewards and experiences.


To this end, we organized a giveaway promo for two NFTs: the Festival Family Lifetime NFT ($1200/year of shows for life) and a Texas Eclipse 2024 VIP Package (exclusive VIP experience of the Texas Eclipse event). The giveaway promo featured raffles for two separate prizes and entrants participated using the Step3 platform. 

Any holders of the following tokens were eligible for entry to the giveaway:

  • Festival Family Lifetime Founder NFTs 
  • ATX DAO Member NFTs
  • Texas Eclipse NFT (free to mint!)

With the Texas Eclipse 2024 token being free to mint, entry to the event was effectively open to anyone and everyone that was interested in getting involved.


Two token holder names were drawn separately on 03/27/2023. The Step3 platform helped win the following ways:

  • Spread awareness for the Texas Eclipse 2024 and festivalPass communities
  • Added utility for Festival Pass, Texas Eclipse and ATX DAO NFT holders
  • Provided event attendees with an easy way to participate in the giveaway promo

The power of NFT communities comes from their ability to to collectively work toward common goals. We’re looking forward to future collaborations with Texas Eclipse and festivalPass as they continue to engage and reward their communities.

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