Step3 helped festivalPass, a no-fee event live marketplace, break into Web3 by launching their utility-driven Web3 membership program.

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The Opportunity

FestivalPass is an innovative, live-event subscription service that delivers no-fee tickets to live experiences like music, theatre, comedy, sports and more. Seeing the potential of Web3 to create new and compelling opportunities for their customers, they decided to launch an NFT membership program.

The Festival Family Founder's Pass is a limited run of 10,000 NFT membership passes that offer incredible value for members. Each NFT pass grants owners a lifetime membership to the festivalPass platform with the following benefits:

  • $1,200 worth of credits that renew annually
  • Access to 80,000 live events in North America
  • Access to 600,000 hotels globally

Founded by proven entrepreneur Ed Vincent, the team carried a wealth of experience in event marketing, finance, and marketing. Ed recognized the opportunity that NFTs present and sought an experienced Web3 partner to support the launch of their membership program.

After an initial meeting with the festivalPass team, it was clear that this project was a natural fit for Step3. Our team was excited about helping the festivalPass team launch an innovative NFT membership program, and we quickly landed on a vision for moving forward with a partnership.


Step3 delivered a customized Web3 membership program that includes:

A unique membership NFT

A branded, custom-minting site and custom NFT creation using the artwork and traits provided by the festivalPass team.

Live and dynamic updates

The festivalPass NFT uses a dynamic update system to reflect the remaining platform credits for each membership pass.

Flexible admin tools

A custom dashboard for managing NFT sale stages, a dynamic allow list, artwork reveal controls and promotional minting.