Why Web3 enhanced loyalty?

Go beyond points and create deeper relationships

Use the magic of a Web3 powered membership program to unlock rewards, create new community connections and redefine what it means to be a loyal customer.

Rise above the digital noise with a loyalty experience that makes members feel like proud owners of your brand.

New to Web3? Check out our Guide to Web3.

Wow Your Customers

Create great rewards like merch claim, discounts, exclusive content, and more.

Drive More Engagement

Connect social activity and claim conditions to rewards for stronger engagement.

Grow Your Community

Foster your community through members-only experiences and connections.

Generate New Revenue

Sell paid memberships and generate new revenue from premium memberships.

Empower Brand Ownership

Allow your customers to take ownership of their loyalty status and rewards.

Explore New Collaborations

Partner with other Web3 membership programs and communities to reach new audiences.

Web3 enhanced loyalty made simple

Flexible and Powerful Memberships

Get access to everything you need to launch and manage a Web3 membership program. You'll be up and running in no time with a branded experience that brings perks and rewards to your customers with ease.

Once your program is up and running, the Step3 platform gives you everything you need to create rewards, customize the experience and manage your program all in one place.

Choose from a variety of reward types that make it easy to deliver merchandise claims, discount codes, exclusive content, event passes and more. Need a custom reward type? Our implementation team can help with custom reward types and integrations.

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Customize the onboarding and reward experience with your brand's look and feel. Add a custom domain name to make the experience feel like a natural extension of your brand.

Ready for a new take on loyalty?

Discover how we can help you plan and implement a membership program. Book a free call with our team to learn more about enhancing your loyalty program with Web3.

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