Gaming Nostalgia Meets Fashion Innovation in the Web3 Era

January 17, 2024

Hosted By

Alberto Mera
Marketing Manager
Nick Casares
Head of Product
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About this episode

Picture a Members Only jacket, now add a twist of blockchain and sprinkle in some gaming nostalgia—got it? That's just a fraction of the innovation we unpack with our guest Alberto in a journey through the entwining paths of Web 3 marketing and collaborations. We're tearing off the wrapping to reveal how behemoths like ATARI and fashion icons such as Members Only are leveraging NFTs to not only redefine digital ownership but also reshape our interaction with tangible goods. This isn't just a chat about the usual suspects of marketing; it's a deep dive into how blockchain technology is powering a renaissance in brand engagement and community building.

Now, have you ever felt the rush of stepping into a world entirely shaped by a brand's vision? We venture into Gucci's Cosmos Land, exploring how the luxury fashion house is crafting personalized adventures in the metaverse that resonate on an emotional level. Our conversation is a reflection on the emotional landscapes being painted by Web 3 companies, and the critical role that congruence plays in branding. From ATARI's strategic moves to Gucci's virtual parkour, we're examining the strategies that are setting the stage for an emotional branding revolution in the digital age, and how these evolving narratives could forge the future of our experiences with the brands we love.

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