The decentralized store that has everything and Kyle Reidhead on the potential of free NFTs

February 22, 2023

Hosted By

Alberto Mera
Marketing Manager
Nick Casares
Head of Product
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About this episode

Are you ready to decode the future? In this engrossing episode, we take you on a futuristic journey, bringing you up close with how blockchain technology and NFTs are upending business as usual. From Lowe's home improvement store using RFID chips and blockchain to combat power tool theft, to a whole new decentralized retail experience in Hades Valley, San Francisco, it's clear that traditional industries are on the brink of a revolution. Strap in as we shed light on the implications of these technologies and discuss the exciting perspective of a tool's secondary market.

Our special guest for this episode is Kyle Reidhead, founder of Impact Three and Web Three Academy. Together, we delve deep into the expansive world of web three, considering its profound impact on portable content and identity. Drawing on his expertise, Reidhead shares his insights on the potential of NFTs in the creator economy and the disruption brought about by leading NFT projects from Reddit and Starbucks. We also ponder on how NFTs could enable digital credentials to become portable and not lost when a platform shuts down, thus altering the landscape for the creator economy.

Lastly, we tune into the intriguing possibilities for the future of web 3, the implications of data privacy protections on business-customer interactions, and how technology adoption often happens at a slow but steady pace. We discuss how web 3 can incentivize users instead of giving away their data for access and how these changes can reshape the internet. So, join us for a compelling conversation packed with expert perspectives, insights, and future predictions. Let's decode the future together!

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