Sustainable consumerism thanks to crypto and Jordy Fujiwara on fiction in the blockchain

February 22, 2023

Hosted By

Nick Casares
Head of Product
Alberto Mera
Marketing Manager
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About this episode

Are you ready to see the world of NFTs, Web 3, and storytelling from a new perspective? Prepare to be enlightened as we explore the innovative ways NFTs are being used to drive charitable giving. We dig into a heartwarming campaign by Kia America, who raised an impressive $100,000 for animal welfare nonprofit, Pet Finder, with Sweet NFT platform. Discover a fresh take on how these digital assets can transform our charitable contributions into dynamic, engaging experiences.

Hold onto your hats as we navigate Mastercard's entry into the world of NFTs. Hear about the launch of their artist accelerator on the Polygon blockchain and grasp what this means for artists everywhere. But we don't stop there; we also touch on Disney's similar move and the buzz around the use of the Polygon blockchain. With special focus on how Web3 and NFTs are revolutionizing the music industry, this episode promises to broaden your insight.

We wind up our episode by examining the groundbreaking impact of Web3 on storytelling and community building. Prepare to be amazed as we delve into how blockchain platforms are providing exciting new ways to tell and participate in stories. We also shine a light on how they're reshaping community building with innovative tools for incentives, loyalty, and gamified feedback. As we discuss the risks and rewards of jumping into Web 3 for brands and creators, we underline the crucial need for a foundational understanding of the internet and the necessity to audit any contracts involved. Strap in for an enjoyable and informative journey into the world of NFTs, Web 3, and storytelling.

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