The Power of Nostalgia and Fandom: Understanding Digital Collectibles with VeVe's David Yu

September 27, 2023

Hosted By

Alberto Mera
Marketing Manager
Nick Casares
Head of Product
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About this episode

Get ready for a riveting exploration into the world of digital collectibles as we sit down with our esteemed guest David Yu, the visionary co-founder and CEO of VeVe. Starting from the most humble of beginnings in the gaming retail industry, David regales us with tales of how he and his team built VeVe from the ground up, overcoming challenges, and scoring early deals with the likes of DC and Marvel. This exciting journey takes us deep into how VeVe's gaming background created a perfect storm for digital collectibles, and ignited a revolution in the collectible market.

We'll also hear about the critical role of David’s retail business in laying the groundwork for VeVe’s towering success in digital collectibles. Listen to the powerful narratives about fandom, nostalgia, and the male demographic that play key roles in VeVe's triumph. We'll get under the hood of the creation and marketing process behind these digital treasures. You’ll be privy to the minute details - from 3D models to color selection - and how VeVe maintains user engagement despite the plethora of releases each week.

As we look into the crystal ball of digital collectibles and NFTs, we’ll discuss the shifts in the digital collectible market and how VeVe skillfully navigates these changes. We'll also draw parallels between the offline gaming world and the NFT culture, and discuss the impact of mass media on the market. As a special treat, David shares how VeVe has worked hand in hand with marquee companies like Coca Cola, FTV, and Ubisoft to craft memorable digital collectible campaigns. So strap in and prepare to be enlightened on the exciting future of Web3, digital collectibles, and how brands are joining this burgeoning trend.