How companies are using NFTs to bring awareness of social issues

May 31, 2023

Hosted By

Alberto Mera
Marketing Manager
Nick Casares
Head of Product
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About this episode

Imagine a world where every step you take not only leads to your destination but also to the acquisition of cool digital assets. Thats exactly what Stepn, the lifestyle app that rewards movement, is delivering. With their recent integration with Apple Pay, users can now effortlessly purchase NFTs directly from the app, signifying the dawn of an era where acquiring digital assets in non-financial apps becomes a norm. Could this be a game-changer in the world of Web 3?

Brace yourself for an intriguing journey as we explore the fusion of physical and digital experiences in the retail industry. Hear how Alo Yoga is revolutionizing in-store campaigns by offering free NFTs related to Mental Health Awareness Month. Also, find out how a makeup company, Urban Decay, is blurring the lines between reality and the metaverse by partnering with Roblox. Enjoy a deep-dive into how NFTs are simplifying the process of celebrating special occasions for companies and users alike. Prepare to be amazed at how Web 3 is transforming from a complicated new tech to a user-friendly platform for the masses. Tune in, and let's navigate the thrilling advancements together!

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