How a car washing company made it using Web3 and Tom Taulli on creating Web3 startups

February 22, 2023

Hosted By

Nick Casares
Head of Product
Alberto Mera
Marketing Manager
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About this episode

Can you imagine a world where being a fan pays off, literally? Picture owning and trading fan tokens, getting access to exclusive perks, and even influencing the performance of your favorite teams or athletes. Welcome to our latest episode of Marketing Meet Web 3, where we navigate the exciting world of fan tokens and the role companies like Socios and BitSy are playing in revolutionizing fan loyalty. We highlight how these tokens made waves during the World Cup and the intriguing correlation between the ARG token price and Argentina's performance. But remember, these tokens are not just investments, they are a unique currency representing fan loyalty.

Ever wondered how NFTs are shaking up the business world? You'll hear incredible stories from Cristiano Ronaldo's fan token offer to Instagram's planned NFT services, and even a car wash chain in San Diego leveraging NFTs. We dive into this trend that’s altering how businesses reward their customers. Joined by the insightful Tom Tauli, author of How to Create a Web 3 Startup, we discuss how NFTs are empowering creators and businesses by shifting power dynamics in their favor.

Finally, imagine owning your data and the shift in control from big corporations to individuals. We explore the intricacies of Web 3 adoption, the transformation of the internet, and the emergence of large language models. We even consider the prospect of a token economy where you are compensated for your data. Tom Tauli shares fascinating insights on blending Web 2 and Web 3 to create a user-friendly experience. So, tune in to this episode and get ready to rethink the future of the web.

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