Amazon's foray into digital assets and Jonathan Goodwin with the key for marketing teams using Web3

March 22, 2023

Hosted By

Alberto Mera
Marketing Manager
Nick Casares
Head of Product
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About this episode

Ready to step into the future? Strapping in for a dynamic conversation, we examine Amazon's bold announcement, the tech giant's potential entry into the web 3 and crypto space, and the potential future of Amazon coins. We pose, could this titan of industry shake up the crypto gaming and NFT landscape, or will the vast resources they wield prove too cumbersome? Our exploration doesn't stop there - we're also breaking down Bitcoin's unexpected foray into the NFT market, challenging long-held conceptions about its place as solely a financial transaction chain.

Hold onto your seats as we also delve into the glittering world of luxury with Hennessy's innovative new program, Cafe11, and its potential role in curating culture through the medium of NFTs. Yet there's more! We're thrilled to be joined by Jonathan Goodwin, Senior Manager of Community at Mythical Games and a seasoned Web3 consultant. He's here to share his treasure trove of insights on how Web3 could revolutionise the way brands interact with customers, transforming loyalty and rewards programs, and creating pathways for seamless, permissionless collaborations.

Get ready to rethink everything you knew about digital assets and the crypto space. Jonathan shares his thoughts on the rippling effect Amazon's move could have on the wider ecosystem, and the potential benefits their experience and talent could bring to the industry. We also explore the implications of Bitcoin's entry into the NFT market and how this could rewrite the future of digital assets. So, buckle up and tune in for a mind-expanding conversation as we navigate the thrilling twists and turns of the crypto world and beyond.

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