Texas Eclipse

Step3 is helping one visionary founder realize his vision to combine Web3 community building with a once-in-a-lifetime celestial experience.

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The Opportunity

On April 8th, 2024, a total eclipse will fill the sky over Texas. During this incredibly rare occurrence, two distinct worlds connect - ours spanning the vast, open terrains of Central Texas and that of the endless space beyond our planet. At this moment, people, technology, music and the arts will unite to celebrate this phenomenon.

The Texas Eclipse team, composed of experienced event producers, recognized an opportunity to use NFT membership as a powerful community-building tool for the 2024 eclipse event.

Upon learning about the founder's vision, the Step3 team was immediately excited about supporting the project with a Web3 membership program.

After mapping out a strategy for the NFT launch, we collaborated with the Texas Eclipse team to design a flexible, friendly minting experience that allows anyone with an email address to join the program for free. As the event date draws closer, out team is continuing to collaborate with Texas Eclipse on ideas for engaging members with exciting rewards and experiences.


Using the Step3 platform, we helped Texas Eclipse launch their membership NFT with a Web2 friendly on-boarding process and tools for managing perks and rewards.

Web2 friendly onboarding

A familiar onboarding experience allows anyone with an email address to create a Texas Eclipse membership pass.

Free-to-join program

Our team customized the membership onboarding flow to allow a free and frictionless experience.

Rewards and more

The Step3 platform allows the Texas Eclipse team to easily add rewards and utility to the membership NFT.